Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Treasure Trove of Vintage Hollywood & Entertainment Publications

Recently, I stumbled across a link that brought me to the Media History Digital Library and I was stunned. There before me on my laptop screen was a vast archive, a searchable archive, of old periodicals from the movie, sound and broadcasting industries -- fan magazines, trade papers and the like -- all in one searchable database.

The Media History Digital Library, in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Communication Arts, is a non-profit initiative which relies on donations of both materials to scan and financial contributions.

Currently, items in the online archives date from the early 1900s to the early 1960s. Vintage issues of Variety, Photoplay, The Film Daily, Radio Broadcast and more are available to the public to read and enjoy. According to the the project's web site, there are currently over 800,000 scanned pages.

This is a pardise for historians, film and theatre buffs, and lovers of all things vintage Hollywood. I just might loan my humble collection of 1950s movie magazines for scanning.

Check it out! Search the database using the site's Lantern search engine: http://lantern.mediahist.org/

Photoplay magazines from the heydey of Hollywood
are now available to the public via the
Media History Digital Library.